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    • Audemars Piguet ROYAL OAK OFFSHORE 26407CE.OO.A030CA.01
      Audemars Piguet ROYAL OAK OFFSHORE 26407CE.OO.A030CA.01

      <p>Side by side: Two Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar Black Ceramic-Openworked v. Non-openworked</p>
      <p>The confrontation between two iconic works.</p>
      <p>Ceramic industry introduction</p>
      <p>In the 1980s, brands such as IWC and Rado introduced ceramics to the watchmaking industry. Ceramics has evolved from a rarely used "futuristic" material to a somewhat normalized material among luxury watchmakers. Although it is rarely used in the entire watch structure, it has many advantages over more traditional materials such as stainless steel, so some brands have shifted their focus to materials. Today, we will explore two ceramic variants of the iconic Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, and see what makes them unique and their materials so wonderful.</p>
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      <p>Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Diver Reference. 15707CE: Associated Press’s first all-ceramic watch. (2013)</p>
      <p>Innovation in their DNA<br>
      For decades, if not a few centuries, Audemars Piguet has undoubtedly been the driving force of innovation in the watchmaking industry. Although critics of the Associated Press often mention their dependence on the Royal Oak’s design inspiration, the same critics cannot say that the Associated Press is not innovative. From the world’s first watch minute repeater to the world’s first perpetual calendar with leap year display; AP is in the trinity of watchmaking for a reason. They won the stripes of fairness.</p>
      <p>The two parts we will discuss here are part of driving innovation in the industry. Both the Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar Watch and the Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar Skeleton Watch use a black ceramic case and bracelet, which have made a significant contribution to the widespread adoption of ceramics as a luxury watchmaking material.</p>
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      <p>referee. 26579CE and its hollow counterpart, ref. 26585CE.</p>
      <p>As mentioned earlier, the Associated Press is not the first company to use ceramics in watches. But in 2017, they released a reference to the Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar. 26579 In the black ceramics of SIHH, there is finally a click. Two years ago, the Royal Oak perpetual calendar was just reborn. This release marks the first time that a full ceramic structure combines the two most precious assets of the brand, the Royal Oak and the perpetual calendar, and brings them into the 21st century. The watch became an instant hit and became a hot topic at the show-the piece was placed on a healthy waiting list almost immediately. Suddenly, ceramics made the headlines.</p>
      <p>Why choose ceramics</p>
      <p>Just as brands often encounter problems when introducing new materials into their product portfolios, you may ask why this material is so special. Of course, ceramics is the material discussed here. Rado launched a ceramic case and bracelet watch in 1990. Why is it so different? Well, the answer to this question lies in the way the Associated Press handles materials. They tried to finish the ceramics to the same standards as the metals in the "regular" Royal Oak. Before getting into the characteristics of ceramics, let us say that this is a difficult thing.</p>
      <p>What makes it special<br>
      One of the most beneficial properties of ceramics, and also its most important stumbling block, is its hardness. Ceramics are almost impossible to scratch, and the hardness of ceramics is 3.5 to 4 times that of steel-which means it can be brittle. Although ceramic watches can look absolutely new in decades, it is a difficult task to be highly meticulously crafted and requires careful planning and execution. Given its hardness, the completion time of a ceramic bracelet is five times that of a steel bracelet, and it is not surprising that the total working time is about 30 hours.</p>
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      <p>In terms of planning, AP can’t just use the old template they got from the metal Royal Oak bracelet. They had to completely reconsider how to make the Royal Oak bracelet. Because the ceramics are fragile, it took AP 600 hours of research and development time to make the bracelets. Even if the shape of the chain link was abnormal, they cracked the code and ensured that the Royal Oak bracelet could be made to their exact standards without sacrificing structural integrity.</p>
      <p>Beyond the material<br>
      The ceramics are finally put aside, for reference. 26579CE and its hollow counterpart, ref. 26585CE, there is a very obvious difference between them: the dial. Start with reference. 26579CE, with a slate gray dial with AP’s iconic "grande Tapisserie" pattern. Except for the red "31" on the date subdial at 3 o’clock, the dial uses white fonts, which are clear and easy to read.</p>
      <p>The layout of the dial further increases its legibility. By displaying the day of the week, date, month, leap year, and moon phase in its own sub-dial, everything is proportional and spaced. Some brands may put 48 months together to simplify the mechanism behind the leap year indicator, and the Associated Press has equipped this movement with a separate leap year indicator, which forms a small dial at 12 o’clock. a part of. At the same time, the week of the year is displayed along the periphery of the dial, so you no longer have to wonder how many weeks are left before Christmas.</p>
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      <p>Next, Openworked reference. 26585CE has a stunning ornate hollow dial, the entire dial is decorated with rose gold. It has the same dial layout and functions as the reference above. 26579CE, Openworked has a depth that only Audemars Piguet can reach. Through the sapphire dial, we can see the stunning finished movement below-with hypnotic gears, dazzling clockwork and beautiful bridges.</p>
      <p>Although it may be unfair to compare these two dials, the two watches are visually attractive due to Openworked’s advantage under its sapphire. Openworked excels in its fascinating complexity, while its sibling series excels in stylistic conservativeness. It must be realized that not everyone wants their watch to be as loud as Openworked.</p>
      <p>Ironically, however, the Associated Press quietly added Openworked to their website in 2019 without whispering to the media, and ref. 26579CE with a quieter dial was released at the trade show and caused confusion .</p>
      <p>What matters is what’s inside<br>
      The Associated Press was determined to be proud of its perpetual calendar and installed the reference. 26579CE and their cal. 5134 and hollow reference. 26585CE and cal. 5135, the hollow counterpart of 5134. AP successfully packed these extremely complex movements into 9.5 mm and 9.9 mm thick cases to recognize their skills as watchmakers.</p>
      <p> </p>
      <p> </p>
      <p>Steel watches are not easy to achieve, and considering that both timepieces are made of ceramic, this feat is even more impressive. A perfect pair of incredible watches, not only are their movements complex and impressive, even their materials are very complex and impressive. In terms of material innovation and technology mastery, it can be said with certainty that Audemars Piguet is one of the best in the industry.</p>
      Audemars Piguet Royal Oak perpetual calendar reference. 26579CE<br>
      Reference number: 26579CE<br>
      Case size: 41mm<br>
      Thickness: 9.5mm<br>
      Material: black ceramic<br>
      Crystal: Sapphire<br>
      Waterproof: 20m<br>
      Movement: Calibre 5134<br>
      Function: Perpetual calendar with day of the week, day of the week, date, astronomical moon, month, leap year, hour and minute. On the chain<br>
      : Automatic winding<br>
      Frequency: 2.75 Hz/19800 vph<br>
      Power reserve: 40 hours<br>
      Strap: black ceramic bracelet with titanium AP folding clasp<br>
      Retail price: 804,000 Hong Kong dollars/93,349 Swiss francs</p>
      <p>Audemars Piguet Royal Oak perpetual calendar reference. 26585CE<br>
      Reference number: 26585CE<br>
      Case size: 41mm<br>
      Thickness: 9.9mm<br>
      Material: black ceramic<br>
      Crystal: Sapphire<br>
      Waterproof: 20m<br>
      Movement: Calibre 5135<br>
      Function: Perpetual calendar with day of the week, day of the week, date, astronomical moon, month, leap year, hour and minute. On the chain<br>
      : Automatic winding<br>
      Frequency: 2.75 hz / 19800 vph<br>
      Power reserve: 40h<br>
      Strap: black ceramic bracelet with titanium AP folding clasp</p>

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    • Breitling AVENGER AUTOMATIC GMT 45 NIGHT MISSION V32395101B1X1 Men Watch
      Breitling AVENGER AUTOMATIC GMT 45 NIGHT MISSION V32395101B1X1 Men Watch

      <p> </p>
      <p> Breitling watches Exospace B55 Connected </p>
      <p> B55 Connected may be the evolution of the company’s productive analog-digital combination, set foot in area of " smart watches", with the function of time region jump pilots. Breitling Exospace Cockpit B55 Connected Prototype VB5510H2|BE45|235S|V20DSA. 2h </p>
      <p> When it comes to pilot watches, firms usually take one of two distinctive approaches: nostalgic watches similar to the style worn by jet pilots in the 1940s, 50s, along with 60s, or watches which may actually be useful to pilots below now. For watch enthusiasts, many of whom are now scanning this article, it is certain that the previous type of pilot watch is far more attractive, with a mechanical motion, large hands on a clear face, and perhaps an oversized Crown plus a leather strap. This type is starting to become popular, with pilot timepieces competing with diving wrist watches on the wrist. We are spoiled-consider the pilot watch line relaunched by IWC this current year, as well as the series from Bells & Ross, Bremont, Alpina, etc . Even Rolex confirmed off its new (and polarized) King of Surroundings at the Basel International See and Jewellery Fair the 2010 season. </p>
      <p> But Panerai may be more associated with modern aviation than any other watch manufacturer, and it also embraces nostalgic start watches and modern models. (And, lest we ignore, they were also the first firm to obtain a patent for a two-button chronograph, dating back to 1933. ) The Navitimer time counter of the 1950s is undoubtedly Mary Wolfe referring to his beginning watch about test trip The book of birdmen and astronauts, the right thing-look, " They were calibrated with regards to 2000 times, and every little thing except enemy gunfire ended up being recorded through the dial… (they) are actually between the pilots Buddy logo. ” (Below will be the Breitling Navitimer from Phil Toledano’s collection, as witnessed in the recent episode associated with Talking Watches. ) HYT H1 AZO Project Titanium and Azo Polyepoxyde 148-PA-21-GF-RU </p>
      <p> In the nineties, Breitling launched a series of brand-new pilot watches for fliers, some of which were the first analog-digital watches for pilots-with an extra time zone, multiple loud sensors, night vision and other functions-to get out of bankruptcy. Compatible features and even built-in emergency stereo transmitters. This strategy worked because " modern" Breitlings started to be the wristbands of vital pilots. As Jim DiMatteo, the former commander of the You. S. Navy’s Top Rifle Fighter Training School (and Breitling’s American aviation professionals, who flew more than your five, 000 hours on F-16 Fighting Falcon and F-14 Tomcat aircraft) told me, “Fighter pilots will always remember A few things: their first solo flying trip, their first carrier attaining, and their first Breitling. " Below is an example of maybe the most famous modern high-tech Breitling wathes breed: emergency, early this season Some time Hodin’s hands-on. </p>
      <p> In response to the unsuspecting “smart watch” challenge, Deluxe brands have adopted distinct approaches, from Montblanc’s clip-on electronic straps, to Alpina and Frederique Constant’s basic activity trackers, to the detailed Google / TAG Heuer’s Android cooperation. All of these cases have one thing in common-they are generally outsourced (a transformation regarding old watchmaking practices from the 21st century)-mainly to Florida companies. men watches cheap </p>
      <p> But for Exospace B55 Connected, Breitling proudly imparts that it designs and produces watches and movements " in-house", while mobile software and connectivity functions tend to be customized for Breitling throughout Switzerland. In other words, Exospace is most beneficial understood as a continuation involving Breitling’s modern high-tech view production. These watches are usually geared towards working professionals, not necessarily watch enthusiasts themselves, and the functions are designed to be necessary to working professionals (watches were created not to interfere with night eye-sight Mirrors, such as Exospace, are generally obviously not designed for common military watch lovers). </p>
      <p> The case itself consists of matt black titanium, which has a diameter of 46 milimeter and a thickness of more than 15 mm. Though this sounds like a list, the short and rounded lugs and lightweight alloy help it become very comfortable to wear. It is not while wide-shouldered and bulky for the reason that similar (but " disconnected" ) B50 Cockpit, plus the case is very well concluded, with a typical Breitling fashion. Thanks to the tall shape and the iconic Breitling cyclist label, the two-way personalized bezel is satisfactory and straightforward to operate, and the crown is usually knurled deep and holds. The button snap is definitely fastened, and the blue silicone strap is comfortable, trim to length, and joined with a push-button deployment buckle with ratchet fine change. </p>
      <p> Thanks to the widely used colors and black completes of the strap and arms, the overall atmosphere is very performance-minded. As a self-proclaimed Luddite, Therefore i’m surprised how much I enjoy donning this completely modern enjoy. It has a refreshing youthful surroundings and a sense of methods, making you want to wear it and carry out things with it-swimming, riding a bike, running, flying-and it is hundred meters waterproof. </p>
      <p> The basic function of the B55 is similar to other Breitling " ana-digi" watches, combining the regular three-hand timekeeping with 2 windows that digitally screen other information. All functions usually are controlled on the watch by using the crown, push, move or rotate it heading the functions and select prices. The buttons look like the actual start/stop and reset keys of a chronograph, but are truly used to scroll through sub-menus and activate some characteristics, such as a stopwatch or count-down timer. To make it easier to read the particular digital display, double-press typically the crown to " stop" the hands at being unfaithful o’clock and 3 o’clock to prevent them from getting back in the way. You can synchronize often the hands with the digital show, accurate to the second; so as to pay tribute to the market in the air, to set the time, you first have to set Coordinated Universal Time period (or GMT), </p>
      <p> In order to read the digital exhibit in the dark, the display carries a backlight and emits some sort of bright blue as the top is pushed, which stays about regardless of the length of time you set. Additionally , when the watch is turned on the wrist, the backlight will automatically activate, this kind of feature is both fascinating a bit maddening. Although you may set the sensitivity with this feature (or even transform it off), I often check in with my wrists lit up any time driving at night, in the movies or in bed, and preoccupied (yes, I am one of them). If you are wondering, the a digital display is compatible with nighttime vision goggles (this signifies that the display is designed to steer clear of the NVG from overly magnification its lighting, which could treacherously damage the pilot’s vision). </p>
      <p> Powering the actual Exospace B55 Connected is actually Breitling’s own B55 movements. It is one of the company’s supposed SuperQuartz movements; thermal reimbursement to account for temperature imbalances (the frequency of the quartz crystal is very sensitive for you to temperature changes). Breitling submits the movement to COSC for chronometer testing in addition to certification, so it maintains a new predictable and excellent time period; the COSC standard with regard to quartz chronometer watches will be +/- 0. 07 seconds/day. In addition to the time and date, the particular luxury replica watch possesses a long list of functions, several of which are more useful than some others (at least for non-pilots). This is a quick tour. </p>
      <p> Two time zones might be displayed, one on the digital camera display and one on the suggestion. The two time zones can be transferred by pressing a button. UTC time is also tracked and is displayed on the digital present at any time. There is a digital flyback chronograph that allows 1/100 subsequent timing and can store approximately 50 intermediate lap instances. The beautiful speedometer function permits you to track the average speed in a set distance and complete the system conversion from kilometers to help miles per hour. You can use Navitimer’s slide rule bezel to accomplish this, but it takes longer and math skills far above my own. </p>
      <p> Typically the " Timed Flight" purpose is designed to record the overall air travel time, not only starting in takeoff and stopping from landing, but also saves some time (in UTC format) using your associated airport code. Often the countdown/countdown function adds further more wrinkles by counting into the start time and then depending down from there, and is employed as a " task timer" -but it can also be used being a regatta timer for luxury boat races. </p>
      <p> The actual countdown timer can be established to 100 hours, but it will surely beep in the last 20 moments, and if you don’t change it off within a minute, it can remind you again. Talking about beeps, the B55 features a very loud alarm-maybe quite a bit less loud as the now ceased Breitling B-1 or Omega speedmaster watch X-33, they use a special resonance back cover, but it brings in your attention, Except for typically the vibration on your wrist. This kind of notification also applies to often the daily alarms you can arranged (up to seven, if you carry out need to set seven day-to-day alarms in advance, I sympathize). I woke up with an noisy alarms for several mornings. Even with the blanket on my wrist, their sound was enough in order to wake me up via sleep. watches online shop </p>
      <p> The analog-digital formula of B55 is the formula used by Beritling watch, which can be traced back to early aerospace and emergency designer watches in the early 1990s, also to some extent, it can also be traced back in the Pluton based on Chronosport in the 1980s. Although the latest design may look a lttle bit dated, especially when compared to custom high-resolution dials such as INDICATE Heuer Connected, it nonetheless does a good job of connecting data clearly, while holding onto an obvious Breitling design terminology. Anyone who has used ana-digi Breitling watches in the past two decades will be quickly familiar with it. If you want the many features I listed above, that watch can be used completely on their own. But the " connection" portion of the B55 and its mobile iphone app make this watch unique as well as seem to be a logical addition to the already useful watch. </p>
      <p> The B55 app can be installed on Apple or maybe Android smartphones to view, established and record watch performs and data. This is an perceptive application that is well-designed and will be integrated with the watch. The principle screen pre-displays the most important information-battery percentage, Bluetooth status, time-zone (UTC, local and home), and any active alerts. Then a series of icons let quick access to other functions on the watch, where you can view the stashed flight time, timer and also timing records, and avertissement lists. A separate menu is employed to set the inclination along with length of the backlight, how and once the pointer can be not moving, alarm sounds, and synchronizing the pointer with the electronic display. </p>
      <p> As your phone’s time is preserved as an atomic time indication through the GPS satellite networking, by synchronizing your see with your phone, you can also properly obtain atomically accurate keeping time on your wrist. Your local a moment home time are fixed from a long list of entire world airport codes and can be changed by pressing a button within the app, so that when you connection your watch, the transform will also happen there. Important the button on the phone in addition to seeing the pointer with the watch move instantaneously can be a tiny but endless entertaining. </p>
      <p> Of course , considering that Exospace is a Bluetooth-connected observe, you can also receive calls, calendars, and text notifications. By way of this application, you can placed the notification method by simply ringtone, vibration or both equally. The digital display on the side the watch only displays what " MESSAGE" or " CALL". There is no voice recognition as well as text message reading function around the watch; its simple electronic digital display is not designed for this particular. moon-watch. c </p>
      <p> As you may expect, Exospace B55 Linked is a power-hungry watch, but is not as power-hungry as you might feel. Although TAG Heuer Attached usually needs to be charged each one or two days, this Breitling wathes can last up to two months about the same charge, depending on how many features you use, especially the backlight display and Bluetooth connection. To charge it, a smaller magnetic coupler on the left side from the watch is connected to any cable that can be plugged into some sort of wall outlet or a HARDWARE port on a computer. From the two weeks I have owned this timepiece, its battery level hasn’t fallen below 60%, u use it frequently. </p>
      <p> Finally, there is the issue connected with price, which may be the only clear “weakness” of the B55. Their price is as high as $8, nine hundred, which is much higher than all the so-called " smart" or even connected watches, and above any other Breitling analog as well as digital products, except for Urgent situation, which is equipped with dual transmission devices. It also surpasses many of Breitling’s mechanical chronometers. Whether it is more than worth it is a rhetorical question in which those of us who are concerned about this timepiece industry often hear nevertheless rarely answer. I would admit it is a well-made watch, in the engraved case to the feature-laden movement to its promoting mobile app. It appears to be satisfying, fun and useful to don. Of course , I just borrowed the idea for a week or two, as an alternative to using my hard-earned dollars to own it, but then again, </p>
      <p> As watch fans, we usually quickly neglect quartz watches, any a digital products, and of course smart wristwatches, because they are just gadgets which are not worth considering alongside the more popular watches on HODINKEE. Nonetheless when you consider that watchmaking is usually traditionally the best tool in promoting a particular function, you can a great deal better think of a watch like Exospace B55 Connected as another hash mark on the continuum, such as Navitimer, which is equipped with regulations like a slide, is the most sophisticated pilot’s watch in 1954. For a long time, I have always popular Breitling for pursuing a couple of paths in its series, whilst retaining historical works for instance Transocean and Navitimer, although continuing to make watches regarding modern pilots. Will the latest generation of luxury clever, connected watches with challenging functions driven by apps be respected or desirable like traditional watches? Merely time will give the answer. replica AUDEMARS PIGUET CODE 11.59 Watches </p>

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