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    • Animation
      Discussion in this board should pertain to animation from anywhere in the world. This includes animated movies and TV shows, or the technique and making of animation. Spoiling a part of a movie or show will result in a ban.
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    • 1 hour, 49 minutes ago

       Diana Berrymor

    • Art
      This board is meant for people to post art, preferably of your own creation. Discussion relating to art techniques or art history is also allowed on this board.
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    • 8,776
    • 55 minutes ago

       Diana Berrymor

    • Cats
      Cats. Post cats and don’t stop. (Images or links relating to animal cruelty are strictly forbidden.)
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    • 10 minutes ago


    • Comics
      Here, people should discuss comics of all forms, manga included. Like /an/ and /f/, do not spoil any part of a comic, or you will be banned.
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    • 12,242
    • 46 minutes ago

       Diana Berrymor

    • Music
      Talk about music here. This ranges from songs, albums, artists, instruments, or composition. Do not attack other users for not having the same taste in music as you.
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    • 1 week, 2 days ago


    • Technology
      Discussion of technology and coding is meant for this board. Tech help is welcome, however, do not ask stupid or “script-kiddie” type questions (ex. “how 2 hakcomputr?”).
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    • 2 days, 16 hours ago